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the Boldking foundation.

Everyone is born into a different set of circumstances. Some people are handed the silver spoon, while others are quickly lumped into the bottom of the pile. It’s down to the luck of the draw. But we believe wherever someone is from shouldn’t determine where they are going. That’s just the start of their story…

The reality is most people are never going to be rap gods or movie stars. But while the world is busying itself with another overnight celebrity, it misses out on those talented youngsters who genuinely want to put something positive and enduring into the world, but go unnoticed because they don’t know how to. Let’s say that school doesn’t inspire them or their home situation is less than ideal. Where will they get the necessary skills and support they need to show the world and themselves what they are truly capable of?

We can help.

We created the Boldking Foundation to help improve the well-being of those talented young men who need a little encouragement, a helping hand or a nudge in the right direction. We will hold free lectures, events and workshops from people who know what it’s like to be in their position and make it through. It’s not gonna be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

We take care seriously.