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We will hold free 2-day workshops where themes such as structure, responsibility, money management skills and personal development will be discussed. We will host inspiring guest speakers who will share their own stories. The first events will be held in Amsterdam in 2022, with the ambition to grow the reach to other European cities in the coming years.

Through these workshops and events, we hope to inspire young men from challenging backgrounds by supplying them with the tools they need to look after themselves and maximise their potential. We hope to make a meaningful and lasting impact by creating a community of confident young men.

The Boldking Foundation was founded in November 2021 by Rochdi Darrazi. A percentage of Boldking’s sales plus donations made by individuals and companies will be used to kickstart the foundation.

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R. Darrazi
Supervisory Board

I. Daniëls | J. Henriques Fernandes | A. van der Wyck

SBI Code 94996 – Other non-commercial organisations.
Helping, inspiring and encouraging young men from lower socio-economic classes

The Boldking Foundation is a non-profit organization. Funds are collected through a percentage of sales from Boldking as well as from donations from individuals and corporations. The income of the foundation is primarily used to finance the expenses of the work of the foundation in achieving its objectives. In addition, funds will be set aside to develop and set up new activities and to be able to build reserves in the case of reduced donations.

The foundation is managed by one director together with the Supervisory Board. Together they are responsible for the management of the funds and the policy of the foundation. All decisions concerning the program, (financial) policy, acquisition, expenditure must be made in consultation with the Supervisory Board and be approved by the Supervisory Board. Other than compensation for travel costs, The Boldking Foundation does not compensate the Board for their duties.

The director together with the Supervisory Board meets four times a year. The tasks of the Director and the Supervisory Board include:

  • Managing the funds;
  • Allocation of the funds to the Grow Back initiatives, and creating provisions;
  • Drawing up an annual budget;
  • Adopting and approving annual accounts;
  • Developing, monitoring and executing on a multi-year plan aimed at achieving the foundation’s objectives